Friday, July 12, 2024
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ENORASI project

Public Deliverables

This page will provide access to public project reports as listed below, once they are available.

Dates in brackets are in project months, with M1 corresponding to July 2018.

  • D1.1 Project Website (M03)
  • D1.2 Requirements Analysis and System Functional Specifications (M06)
  • D1.3 System Architecture (M12)
  • D2.1 Optical Data Base (M06, M12)
  • D2.2 Video Processing and Analysis (Μ12, Μ24)
  • D2.3 Coding and Video Broadcasting (Μ12, Μ24)
  • D2.4 Video Processing and Analysis Results (M24)
  • D3.1 Sound Data Base (M06, M12)
  • D3.2 Speech Processing and Analysis (Μ12, Μ24)
  • D3.3 Results of Speech Processing and Analysis (M24)
  • D4.1 User Guidance and Browsing Subsystem (M19, Μ30)
  • D4.2 Personalized Browsing Summary Subsystem (M19, Μ30)
  • D4.3 User Experience Mapping Subassembly (M19, Μ30)
  • D4.4 Output Results Output Methods Conclusions (M30)
  • D5.1 Original Integrated System (M24, Μ33)
  • D5.2 System Evaluation Results (M27, M36)
  • D5.3 System Results Publication (M36)
  • D6.1 Planning and Exploitation Perspectives (M24)
  • D6.2 Business Model (M36)